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Zone GT Battle Pack | Red (Ringer) / Yellow (Banger) 170-174g

Zone GT Battle Pack | Red (Ringer) / Yellow (Banger) 170-174g

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  Introducing the Zone GT Battle Pack! Within this pack, you'll find two different Zone GT discs each having their own concept top. Taking inspiration from the Banger GT, and Ringer GT; the Zone GT Battle Pack is the ultimate test to help Discraft determine which disc will be PDGA approved and become a stock Discraft disc!

 Discraft is torn between which one is better, so that’s where you come in. Which will be your go-to? Your votes will help decide which mold gets PDGA-approved! Inside each pack you will find a QR code which will take you to our product research survey. After casting your vote, you will be entered into a special giveaway drawing. In addition, if you share your battle online using #ZoneGTBattle, you will get a chance to win our MEGA ZONE PACK! This prize includes every stock Zone/Zone OS available!

 Tips for reviewing:

• Play at least one round with each disc.

• Feel, examine, and take notes on what you like and dislike for each disc.

• Note preferences, take photos, or record videos.

• Share insights, experiences, and comparisons.

• Which performed better in specific situations?

   Remember, there's no right or wrong answer. It's all about personal preference, play style, and having fun. Discraft looks forward to hearing your valuable feedback!


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