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Millennium Golf Discs

Astra | Quantum Stardust | Green/Gold 171-172g

Astra | Quantum Stardust | Green/Gold 171-172g

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  • Flight: Distance Driver
  • Stability: Understable
  • Plastic: Quantum Stardust
  • Rim: Beadless

PDGA Approved on June 17, 2011

  The Millennium Quantum Stardust Astra is an understable ultra long range driver - Long Drift. This wide rim disc is easy for beginners to throw. Experienced players will enjoy it as a great specialty driver or roller. Beginners and slower arm speed throwers will find success in releasing it level and watching it glide further than other discs. Experienced throwers will be able to find the perfect angle of release in order to extend their drives, or utilize it as a roller. Master the way you throw this disc golf driver to achieve your longest drives. The bottom line will be long drives and smiling faces! The Quantum Astra contains “Stardust” for a unique glimmer.
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