Perks Caching


Location - Tulsa, OK
Course - McClure Park DGC
Description - Near an odd number (near orange flag)
Hint - You'll have to find me in a small crack

 #15 Found by Trevor Boissonneault [7/15/20]

Location - Las Vegas, NV
Course - Mountain Crest Park DGC
Description - In the O.B. to cross to the basket on 11 (near orange flag)
Hint - Somethings in the wickets! And its solid as a...


Location - Munster, IN
Course - Rivers Edge DGC
Description - To the left of well known tee pad in shrubs (near orange flag)
Hint - Not near the water, this is on the edge


Location - Ozark, MO
Course - Grubaugh Park DGC
Description - Near a tree at hole 12 (near orange flag)
Hint - Not the tree you think

 #12 Found by Rusty Garrison [6/26/20]

Location - Monroe, GA
Course - Mathews Park DGC
Description - Hidden below the dam (near orange flag)
Hint - Don't be Bob and you will find it

 #11 Found by Derek Green [6/22/20]

Location - Neosho, MO
Course - Morse Park
Description - Next to long placement on hole 7 (near orange flag)
Hint - Squirrels love to play in these

 #10 Found by Eli Fleming [6/24/20]

Location - Fairborn, OH
Course - Fairborn Handyman Ace Hardware
Description - By metal and a pipe (near orange flag)
Hint - Where the trolls hide above the bog of eternal stench


Location - Shreveport, LA
Course - Highland Park
Description - Around hole 5/14 (near orange flag)
Hint - Look down as you cross

 #8 Found by Jeff Ward [6/20/20]

Location - Mabelvale, AR
Course - Moorehart
Description - In grass under stick against tree (near orange flag)
Hint - B ridge affili8te

 #7 Found by Chelsea Butler [6/17/20]

Location - Tupelo, MS
Course - Music Bend
Description - Tucked in under cedar tree (near orange flag)
Hint - Near asphalt

 #6 Found by Brad Morgan [6/17/20]

Location - Jacksonville, AR
Course - Dupree Park
Description - Under pile of leaves (near orange flag)
Hint - If only I was still a bench

 #5 Found by Scott Smith [6/15/20]

Location - Benton, AR
Course - Tyndall Park
Description - Behind piece of branch (near orange flag)
Hint - Chili Peppers 1991 #11

 #4 Found by David Huff [6/14/20]

Location - Bryant, AR
Course - Traxx
Description - In a tree (near orange flag)
Hint - 4 on the floor

 #3 Found by Douglas F. Spielmann Jr. [6/8/20]

Location - Conway, AR
Course - Beaverfork
Description - Between three stumps (near orange flag)
Hint - At Neo

 #2 Found by Ben Morris [6/8/20]

Location - North Little Rock, AR
Course - Burns Park
Description - By unnatural rock (near orange flag)
Hint - Don’t think 2 hard

 #1 Found by Tim Brewer [6/4/20]

Location - Little Rock, AR
Course - Eighteens at the Pond
Description - Close to pond (near orange flag)
Hint- Dog language